Company Business
Company Business
Private Equity Investments

We make equity investment in companies at start-up, growth and expansion stage by taking either minority or controlling interest. Investment is concentrated in industries such as media and entertainment, internet and related services, high-end manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, electronic and information technology. As a leading private equity investor, besides providing financial support, we take full advantage of our expertise, industry resources, operation experience in the capital market to provide value-added services (including M&A and strategic consulting) and smooth global exit channels to our portforlio companies.

Private Placement

Value Investment is highly regarded by us. Our investment philosophy is “to promote extensive development of the portolio companies through M&A”. We have been part of tens of listed companies’ private placement. We select either industry leaders or companies with advanced technology, established sales channels or brands which have the potential to develop into industry leaders. We help accelerate the growth of these companies through acquisitions and help realize the ambitions of these industry leaders.

International Business

ZZ Capital owns a Hong Kong listed platform - ZZ Capital International(HK 08295), which carries out investment activities in the international capital market.

At the same time, ZZ Ventures, a subsidiary based in Silicon Valley, led by a number of local senior venture capital experts, invests in early stage companies which have proven product or business models. It is committed to searching for the most innovative technologies in the world, and creates value by bringing deep access to massive Chinese market. It focuses on enterprise software, business services, fintech, hardware and education sector.

M&A Funds

We establish investment funds with industry leaders, local governments and companies who want to become industry consolidators. We invest into these funds using our strong balance sheet, and capital from our comprehensive financial services platforms. We raise funds from LPs using very flexible structure, including senior, junior and mezzanine debt contribution and also the traditional equity contribution. More importantly, our investment team has strong capability of sourcing high quality targets worldwide and the large number of listed companies which we have significant stakes in will serve as very important exit channels.