Company Business
Company Business

ZZ Capital will not only provide financial support for the partners, but also provide a comprehensive and systematic value-added service based on the needs of the partners with professional ability and experience.

ZZ Capital
Post-investment value-added services

  • Strategy and Operations
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Organization and talent
  • Redesign financing model
  • Tax planning
  • Public relationship
Strategy and Operations

In corporate strategy, ZZ Capital helps companies to explore its options around organic growth and acquisitions.

Using strategic modeling and other tools to help companies set and adjust their mid term and long term development strategies to maximize company value.

Change Management

In order to maintain a company’s leading competitive position, it must constantly look for new advantages, make informed decisions, and effectively implement corporate changes. In an increasingly complex environment, companies often do not have enough time, expertise or experience to implement different plan, and ZZ Capital can be very helpful in this area.

Corporate Governance

Established a formal and informal system to clarify the rights, responsibilities, and benefits of various entities in corporate governance, and to coordinate the interests of all stakeholders through external and internal mechanisms, to ensure the effectiveness corporate decisions, This will ultimately safeguard the corporate governance framework in all aspects of the company's interests.

Organization and talent

Control system and organizational structure optimization

Execution of company strategy requires the support of management system and optimized organizational structure. So that company’s competitive advantage can be built.


After a change of business direction or an acquisition, management plays a critical role in changing the control system and the organizational structure.

Redesign financing model

Design creative and customized financing solutions for the portfolio companies, explore new funding channels, and effectively execute financing plans.

Tax planning

ZZ Capital combines deep understanding of tax rules and access to government resources to provide value-added services such as training, building tax planning framework, major transaction tax planning, tax risk diagnoses, tax dispute resolution and other value-added services for the portfolio company to help them identify tax risks and reduce tax cost.

Public relationship

ZZ Capital has access to resource and expertise in investor relations, public relations and brand management.

It provides planning and execution advise on public relations strategy and crisis management. Help to protect the brand and public image of the portfolio companies.