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Company Business

zz capital

Global Asset Allocation

ZZ Capital International, as a subsidiary listed platform in Hong Kong, offers international investors the opportunities to share the potential returns from Chinese market expansion, business transformation, consumption upgrade and provides domestic investors the benefit of having an international capital platform.

ZZ Capital International is the only platform for ZZ Capital to make overseas investment, devoted to invest in high growth listed and private companies. By eliminating the barriers between domestic and international markets and creating innovative deal structure to achieve stable and secured investment returns.

We will bring world's leading technology, products, services and brands to Chinese market, injecting Chinese momentum into them so as to release the company’s profit growth potentials.

Multi Exit Channels

ZZ Capital has established strategic ownership and cooperation with a large number of listed companies. Most of our investments in private companies are made in line with these listed companies strategic directions, and these listed companies become natural exit channels for our investments.

Three Dimensional Industry Research System

Our team is built with experts who focus on researching and studying each of our focused industries, recruited from well-known M&A institutions domestically and internationally. Meanwhile, we also made significant investment in cooperation with world leading colleges, universities and research institutions for their academic achievements and cutting-edge technologies. We have built long-term close relationships with our portfolio companies and global leading enterprise, including Global Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders.