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Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy can be summarized as “Reliability, Efficiency, Passion and Mutual Benefit”. ZZ Capital focus on creating industry leaders, and providing strong return for investors.



Reliability comes from people and systems. Our people spent most of their professional career in the investment or related industries and possess a wide range of professional qualifications. The company provides on going trainings to ensure all of the employees have highest ethical standard and has the right tools to make the best investment decisions. The organization also have a rigorous risk control system, including automated data collection and storage, conflict checks, quality control, data security control, internal audit, procurement control, transaction review, etc. Both highly qualified professionals and the rigorous systems ensure reliability when working with every business partner and to every transaction.



We have specific investment criteria which allow us directly target the type of asset we are looking for. We use both internal resources and external advisors to make assessment on selected opportunities, and our investment decisions are made by a single investment committee, which ensures the efficiency in approving transactions.

In addition, we have a flexible funding structure, which allows us to complete transactions quickly after signing.



Our team is comprised of industry experts, investment professionals, research specialists, and management consultants. We are extremely passionate about helping entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, improve efficiency and consolidate their respective industries.


Mutual Benefit

We believe the capital market is made to serve the real economy. We seek to work with industry leaders worldwide, and we make overseas acquisitions with the goal of helping our Chinese portfolio companies to implement their global strategies. At the same time, we help these overseas companies to better penetrate the Chinese market, bring them new growth opportunities.


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