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Core Advantages
  • Comprehensive Financial Holding Platform

    We mainly make investment using our own balance sheet while keeping very close business relationship with major commercial banks and financial institutions. Our sister companies can provide financial leasing, asset management, debtor factoring, asset back lending and other financial instruments to help our portfolio companies to access wider range of financing channels for long-term development, business expansion and strategic acquisitions.

  • Global Asset Allocation

    ZZ Capital International, as a subsidiary listed platform in Hong Kong, offers international investors the opportunities to share the potential returns from Chinese market expansion, business transformation, consumption upgrade and provides domestic investors the benefit of having an international capital platform.
    ZZ Capital International is the only platform for ZZ Capital to make overseas investment, devoted to invest in high growth listed and private companies. By eliminating the barriers between domestic and international markets and creating innovative deal structure to achieve stable and secured investment returns.
    We will bring world's leading technology, products, services and brands to Chinese market, injecting Chinese momentum into them so as to release the company’s profit growth potentials.

  • Tailored Investment Strategy

    Secondary Market

    Private Placement: We make equity investment in public companies through private placement. We also provide private debt financing to institutions who need capital.
    Acquisitions: We act as the acquisition arm of our listed portfolio companies to design and implement acquisition strategies, source acquisition target globally and execute transactions.
    Major Shareholder Stock Collateral Repo Funding Pools: This is one of the first product that bank work with a non-brokerage institute. Based on ZZ Capital’s high credit, it provides high mortage rate financing to major share holders of the listed companies that cooperated or intend to cooperate with ZZ Capital.
    Following Investment Fund: Open ZZ Capital’s project investment quota to actual controllers of the listed companies that cooperated or intend to cooperate with ZZ Capital, so as to share investment gains, and deepen strategic mutual trust.

    Primary Market

    Private Equity Investments: We seek investment opportunities in a wide range of industries, but mainly focus on media and entertainment, internet and related services, high-end manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, electronic and information technology.
    Operation and Management Services:
    · Integrating industrial resources and recommending business opportunities.
    · Introducing financing channels, providing tax plans, perfecting finance and risk

      management systems and improving the company’s asset/debt ratio.
    · Providing equity incentive to management team, consulting on management and

      organization structures and recruiting talents.
    · Offering strategic consulting and sourcing for M&A opportunities.
    Exit: We exit our investments through either IPO, Reverse Takeover (RTO), or trade sales. Our in house M&A team has extensive experience in identifying reverse takeover target, and transaction structure design.

    State-Owned Enterprise (“SOE”)

    SOE Restructuring: In order to take advantage of central government’s initiative to introduce private capital to SOEs. We make equity investments in listed and non-listed SOEs. As a private shareholder, we can help these companies to improve operational efficiency, optimize organization structure and design management incentive plan.
    Capital Structure Improvement: We provide debt financing, mezzanine financing, asset securitization, debt restructuring to SOEs in order to optimize their capital structure.
    Local Government Industry Fund: Establish the fund with local government, investing mainly in advantageous and strategic new industries to make full use of their advantages to promote industry upgrade and structural reform.

  • Multi Exit Channels

    ZZ Capital has established strategic ownership and cooperation with a large number of listed companies. Most of our investments in private companies are made in line with these listed companies strategic directions, and these listed companies become natural exit channels for our investments.

  • Comprehensive Post-investment Management

    Reducing integration risks, and increasing integration values and synergistic profit through comprehensive post-investment management.
    Business Expansion: We will coordinate resources from sources including the public, portfolio companies, upstream and downstream parties, and technical innovations to create a favorable environment for company development.
    Promotion of Transformation: We will conduct industry researches, assist in making strategic plans, clarify transformation pathway, source and seize M&A opportunities, mapping a complete industry value chain and accelerating the transformation.
    Talent Recruitment: Referring capable talents from our pool, assisting in evaluating the candidates using our judgment to lower risks.
    Management Consulting: Providing professional advice on equity incentives, management and organizational structure and core processes; advising on M&A targets and providing integration and follow-up management; arranging leadership training for management team.
    Financial Support: Providing funding support through appropriate platforms.
    Tax Planning: Guiding on tax policies, resolving tax disputes; building an optimized framework for investment, financing, exiting and taxing operations; identifying tax risks and lowering tax cost by examining tax issues and mapping out tax plans for major transactions.
    Value Spreading and Public Sentiment Monitoring: Assisting in delivering company’s values, monitoring public sentiment and providing suggestions on crisis management.

  • Three Dimensional Industry Research System

    Our team is built with experts who focus on researching and studying each of our focused industries, recruited from well-known M&A institutions domestically and internationally. Meanwhile, we also made significant investment in cooperation with world leading colleges, universities and research institutions for their academic achievements and cutting-edge technologies. We have built long-term close relationships with our portfolio companies and global leading enterprise, including Global Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders.


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