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ZZ Capital was founded in 2011 with registered capital of RMB1bn, it is a multi-asset class focused asset management company which is headquartered in Beijing. It is one of the few institutions that have access to large amount of capital from a variety of funding sources, has the capability to work with companies at their highest strategic level, help them expand through acquisitions both domestically and internationally, transform their business through moving into new sectors, and facilitate industry consolidation. It is registered with the Asset Management Association of China.


Since its founding, ZZ Capital has focused on industry consolidation and investment of industry leaders and listed companies, in the form of private equity investments, private placement, overseas acquisitions, management of M&A funds, as well as provision of M&A and strategic consulting, mainly in the follwing areas: media and entertainment, internet and related services, high-end manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, electronic and information technology.


ZZ Capital utilises resources from many types of industry leaders, financial institutions and strategic consulting institutions, providing flexible financial solutions to clients. ZZ Capital has established strategic partnership with more than 30 companies, and owned a Hong Kong listed platform - ZZ Capital International(HK 08295).


ZZ Capital International is listed on the GEM Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, through its wholly - owned subsidiary, Asian Capital (corporate Finance) Limited, is licensed by Hong Kong securities and Futures Commission to carry out various regulated activities including dealing in securities, advising on securities, advising on corporate finance and asset management. On September 7th 2016, ZZ Capital International had officially changed its name from "Asian Capital" to "ZZ Capital International”, with its Hong Kong Stock Exchange stock code (08295) unchanged. ZZ Capital will start its own asset management business, and assist ZZ Capital International to establish sustainable business eco-system. Besides the investment cycle of financing, investing, management and exiting, ZZ Capital International will leverage ZZ Capital's wide coverage in the United States (New York & Silicon Valley), United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Israel and other countries and regions, and to carry out business around the world.


FL 9, Unit A, Huaye International Center,
NO.39 East 4th Ring Middle Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100025

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