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ZZ Capital focuses on

sector integration and upgrade opportunities.

Through continuous merger and acquisition,

ZZ Capital is committed to collect premium global resources and integrate entire industry value chain, in order to help companies to maintain competitive advantage at a global level.

  • Media and Entertainment

    The rapid growing GDP per capita has prompt more consumptions in media and entertainment space. Our investment strives to integrate the upstream and downstream of the industry value chain, which covers the entire content production, distribution, and peripherals. We aim to achieve comprehensive utilization of all existing IP resources through building an entertainment eco system, which covers TV series/ films production, talent managing, content distribution, game development, advertisement, sports, tourism, etc.

  • Internet and Related Services

    From home internet to mobile internet, the tremendous power of digital age has already been proven by the ability to stay connected. We believe that such power will penetrate from the consumer end to the production end, which results in a revolution of the supply chain productivity. Our investments cover software development, online data distributions, big-data collection and analysis, data security online education and other internet related services.

  • High-end Manufacturing

    As China’s domestic economic development establishes a new normality, we believe it is strategically important for the Chinese manufacturing industry to transform and focus on technology driven growth. Development in the high-end manufacturing industry will lead to growth and upgrade in the related industry supply chain, improve production efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately enhance the reputation of Chinese domestic manufacturing capability. We strive to assist Chinese manufacturers to take the leap from Industry 2.0 to Industry 4.0. Our investment covers intelligent manufacturing, robots, drones, 3D printing, 3C automation, lithium battery, logistics and storage automation, intelligent stereoscopic parking lots, rail transit equipment, aviation, military, nuclear power etc. We will keep focusing on integrating manufacturing with information and artificial intelligence, and cultivate the transformation of the manufacturing industry.

  • Healthcare

    The healthcare industry will have a solid growth momentum in the long foreseeable future, especially when the development of the Chinese healthcare industry is still at very early stage. With the raising of overall awareness of health related issues among the public and continuous improvement on the clarity of industry regulations, this sector is facing a tremendous opportunity for expansion. Our investment covers pharmaceuticals, medtech, and service, especially services like hospital and elderly care homes.

  • Financial Services

    As the society and our life style evolves, the demands for innovative and high quality financial services are rapidly increasing. While many traditional domestic financial institutes are unable to meet with these needs, ZZ Capital is dedicated to use its resource and infrastructure to develop modern and specialized financial service for investors and business partners. Our focused sectors include banking, leasing, debtor factoring, insurance, asset management, wealth management, and online financial services. We are also expanding our presence in the global market and looking to provide investment opportunities for domestic investors in overseas market.

  • Electronic and Information Technology

    The information technology industry is typically capital and R&D intensive. Currently, the Chinese information technology industry is going through a period of intense consolidations, with high frequency acquisitions, high level of capital availability, and covers a wide range of subsectors. This trend is closely related to the so called “the newly economic normality”, where the information technology sector plays an increasingly important role in the economic reform. Our investment thesis captures this industry consolidation trend and focus on IT hardware manufacturing, integrated circuit, digital audio and visual, robotic technologies etc.


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