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Promote the integration of ecological landscape industry, practice the grand blueprint of Beautiful China

In Dec. 2014, ZZ Capital invested to GD (Chongqing Golden Inc.), a leading landscape architecture enterprise in southwestern China. ZZ Capital, in total, holds 30% of shares.

  • In the meantime, ZZ Capital introduced CFLD, as a strategic investor, to invest in GD, which helped GD expanding its business from real estate landscaping to city landscaping, industrial town landscaping, and etc.
  • ZZ Capital supplied funds to GD at market interest rate via financial platforms which further improved GD’s overall competency by optimizing GD’s capital liquidity.
  • ZZ Capital carried out diligent post-investment management activities for Golden Landscape and provides comprehensive value-added services in order to improve Golden’s financial performance:

     - Introduced top caliber executives for Golden to implement business strategies.


     - Provided management skills training to Golden’s executive team; provided consulting and related services for

       the company’s strategic planning, human resources management, financial reporting. Particularly:


        · Through a combination of onsite visit, desktop research and communication with the management, ZZ

          Capital carried out “Project Peak” which is a consulting project include review and provide

          recommendations on company’s strategic planning, operational management and human resource



        · Provided strategy and business plan related training, invited each department and subsidiary company to

          participate in strategic planning and business planning, converted the company level objectives into middle

          level management action plans.


        · Gave professional advice on human resource management, financial management and process. Also

          continuous monitored the implementation of the proposal, and enhanced the team’s execution capability.


       · Coordinated internal resources, helped the company to develop new businesses. Improved the

         communication and cooperation mechanism with key stakeholders and strategic partners.


  • On April 5th 2016, Misho Ecology & Landscape Co.,Ltd. suspended trading with the announcement of major assets restructuring.
  • On August 19th 2016, we received a notification from China Securities Regulatory Commission, stating that the transaction between Misho Ecology & Landscape and GD was approved unconditionally.
  • On Ootober 14th 2016, we received the formal approval from China Securities Regulatory Commission, signifying ZZ Capital making a successful exit from its investment in GD.


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